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Accounting, Taxes and Coaching Services

Our dedicated team of professionals work with you to customize our services to ensure we are achieving the desired outcomes. We believe accurate and timely financial information is the foundation for a business to achieve their goals. In order to accomplish this we offer three levels of service to fit your particular needs and elevate your firm’s performance.

Introduce the Elevate Team you will be working with
Review prior year financials and tax returns
Review operating documents, expense reimbursement policies & employee benefits
Review billing policies, accounts receivable and work in progress
Determine best ways to access the most useful information from your billing software
Review and streamline your payroll process
Develop internal accounting controls to protect your firm
Gain access to or help with transition to online accounting software
Review or prepare current year cash and credit card reconciliations
Adjust current year bookkeeping and update any entries for current year
Ensure current year records are complete and accurate
Schedule consistent meetings with your firm to ensure smooth transition
Ongoing Accounting
Record financial data on weekly basis
Reconcile bank accounts, credit cards and loans monthly
Assist with payroll reconciliations via coordination with your payroll provider
Prepare financial statements monthly
Prepare customized management reports and track standard KPIs
Peace of mind
Quarterly Meetings
Current opportunities and issues facing the firm
Track progress toward KPI goals
Provide updates to members for personal tax and financial planning
Discuss long term goals
Tax Preparation
Accurate and timely preparation of federal and state tax returns
Provide K-1s to firm members early in tax season to avoid any surprises
Prepare forms 1099
Review payroll reports provided by your payroll service provider
Prepare use tax and personal property tax declarations, as needed
Continually monitor for tax minimization opportunities
Tax Preparation
Document goals for your firm and you personally
Develop and track customized KPIs
Educate and Coach on topic or initiative to help reach your goals
Challenge your historical operating methods
Work with you to select 2 to 3 projects to complete each quarter
Check in each month on your progress toward your goals
Increase profits
Decrease partner time
Increase efficiency by streamlining processes

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