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Decades of experience advising attorneys & law firms.

The sister company of Elevate KPIs – Kingsbery CPAs – started in 1980 with a simple commitment…

Deliver the best service in the industry. AND WE HAVE.

From day one, we’ve worked for and with attorneys and law firms. We created Elevate KPIs to provide our law firm clients with a specialized CPA firm designed to power their success. The result is our innovative Total Law Firm Solution.

We speak from experience.

Our team is actually comprised of both attorneys and CPAs. This give us a unique perspective and it means that when you choose to partner with us, there is no guessing and virtually no learning curve.

We know the biggest growth drivers for law firms. We understand the challenges. We can help you identify the opportunities and KPIs to accelerate your success.

What can our Total Law Firm Solution do for you? Contact us and let’s talk about building a partnership that will help you build a solid financial future.

Pamela Ekrem Vogel

CPA, Shareholder

“Transparency, honesty, kindness, good stewardship, even humor, work in businesses at all times.” – John Gerzema

Since childhood, Pam has loved numbers. She just barely averted becoming an engineer before finding her true passion in accounting. 

“Although I joke about loving numbers, there is truth to my passion about finding meaning in data and using that information to achieve goals.  Many clients, including attorneys, aren’t interested in staring at the books, yet they want to improve their bottom line. My goal is to educate clients regarding where their business is currently, where they would like it to be, and what numbers to hone in on to get there. Understanding not only the financial reporting component of a business, but how business and personal taxes are impacted by such reporting, is an art and a science which takes years of experience.  I am technical and detail oriented yet have learned over my many years in this business that good, clean, correct, reconciled financials are critical, but just the first step of really advising clients. The true value is in using those numbers to help them succeed.”

“I love combining my pragmatic approach with the amazing creativity of our business clients for a win/win combination.  I pride myself on being trustworthy, honest, and straight forward with clients while encouraging them to push themselves to do what THEY do best as that is ultimately what creates success and satisfaction. I continue to learn from my clients every day and look forward to utilizing that knowledge and my over 25 years of experience to clients of Elevate KPIs.” 

Pam is a shareholder in Kingsbery CPAs, P.C. and Elevate KPIs, P.C.  Pam is a licensed CPA in Colorado.  Pam graduated Cum Laude from the University of Colorado School of Business in 1991 and received National High Score recognition (top 150 in US) on the November 1994 CPA Exam.

Brian C. Nuttall

CPA, J.D. Shareholder

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ~ Thomas Edison

Being a lawyer and a CPA, Brian had a difficult choice to make: whether to pursue a career in accounting or law. 

“Looking back on the decision, the CPA track was the right choice for me.  It fit my skill set and personality much more than a career in law.  Throughout my career, I have worked closely with attorneys.  I love the approach lawyers take to analyze and solve problems. I work hard to bring that approach to the issues I face as a CPA.  Tax law, like all areas of the law, is not black and white.  I learned early in my career that a true advisor does not just identify problems for a client, but solves them.”

“The most rewarding and interesting part of my career has been working with a multitude of business clients.  It is amazing to see the opportunities my clients have identified.  The courage and foresight of my clients to take a risk and capitalize on opportunities in creative and innovative ways shapes my view of the possibilities for any business.  Helping my clients in their business endeavors and playing a part in their success continues to be very fulfilling.  I am excited to bring these lessons and those learned as a business owner for 15 years to Elevate KPIs.” 

Brian is a shareholder in Kingsbery CPAs, P.C. and Elevate KPIs, P.C.  Brian is a licensed CPA and Attorney in Colorado.  Brian graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Colorado School of Business in 1993 and in 1996 graduated Order of the Coif from University of Colorado School of Law.

Mary Kay Gondrezick

CEO, Shareholder

“Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.”  ~ Ernest Hemingway

Mary Kay has lead our firm for over 25 years.  “I came to the firm with no experience in working with CPAs or attorneys.  For many years our firm thrived and grew.  Eventually, I realized we were starting to slowly stagnate some.  We had an extremely talented team working very hard, but our profits did not reflect our effort and commitment.  The traditional practice model was not working.  It took significant soul searching and strength to search out and implement a better model for our firm.”

Mary Kay was instrumental in converting our old practice model into a business. “Identifying and hiring a coach was a turning point in our journey. The process of true change takes strong internal leadership.  As an owner and CEO, I lead my team through the transformation, and it is not an easy task to get an office full of accountants to embrace change.  It takes full support from the entire team to reach the desired results. Communicating the goals and the benefits to the team while daily championing those goals and benefits, was crucial to our success.”  Mary Kay is a unique and valuable part of our team of advisors, understanding the management challenges and operational issues faced by firms working to transform their practice into a thriving business.

Christopher L. Denham

CPA, J.D., Shareholder

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” ~ Greg S. Reid

Chris began his career as a CPA at KPMG “Like many new accounting graduates, I felt the only career path was to work for one of the Big 4.  I quickly found out that it was not fulfilling or a long term solution for my career.  I then took the opportunity to attend University of Colorado Law School.”

Chris interned for Kingsbery CPAs during his 3rd year of law school. “The internship allowed me to earn some money while finishing my law degree.  I quickly found out that a career in accounting did not have to mimic the Big 4 model.  It gave me comfort to know that several of the owners had a law degree in addition to their CPA license; I fit right in.”

In addition to advising his clients, Chris was crucial in the growth of both our firms. “Early on in my career I lead the modernization of the firm. Helping design, implement and standardize our process to transform our practice into an efficient process driven, profitable business.  Helping clients transform their businesses is a very rewarding part of my career.  The lessons I learned from our firm’s modernization have been invaluable in leading my clients. I also understand that as a business owner you have to constantly evolve to be competitive and profitable.”

Chris is a shareholder in Kingsbery CPAs, P.C. and Elevate KPIs, P.C. Chris graduated for the University of Colorado at Denver with his undergraduate degree in accounting in 2001 and from the University of Colorado School of Law in 2006. Chris is a licensed CPA and attorney in Colorado.

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